Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment using light therapy

Light therapy uses either red or blue light. Blue light is used to kill bacteria on your skin to stop inflammation. Red light is anti-inflammatory and gets deeply absorbed into your skin to control the activity of your sebum producing glands. Our Acne Clinic in Toronto offers this treatment with guaranteed results.

This therapy makes your skin feel very light and helps skin pores breath properly. Come in today to get a skin evaluation that might change your life.

Acne Treatment Using Phototherapy

Here at our Acne treatment clinic, phototherapy is also used in which your face is covered with a thin layer, and then exposed to an intense blue light for about fifteen minutes.

Phototherapy is an option for stubborn acne that doesn’t improve with other treatments. It uses a special type of light to kill the bacteria on your skin that cause acne.

Phototherapy is also carried out by using UV rays and red light, but blue light is found to be most effective and can efficiently solve your acne problems.

Acne Treatment Using Chemical Peels

There are quite a few myths about how acne can be cured, but the most effective tool for diminishing or even clearing acne scars from the skin surface must be chemical peels. They are gentle on the skin but tough on scars. This causes a controlled injury to the skin cells. You do not have to worry at all though, as these peels only remove the dead skin cells and pore clogging impurities. This will help new and improved skin cells to replace damaged skin cells. Book appointment at our Acne clinic today we surely excel in this type of Acne treatment.

Useful Acne Treatment Tips!

Treatments for Acne That Undoubtedly Work

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Start your 2019 Acne Free!

Start your 2019 Acne Free! Come to our Looks Matter clinic today and book an appointment to be guaranteed acne free. Free OHIP covered consultation.
Dr. Dar and her team has been serving clients just like you since 1985, this makes this clinic the oldest in business with the most number of patients……

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