It is possible for warts to clear up on their own, but there are many reasons not to wait, and to get them treated right away.


The first reason, is just that, time. You really don’t know long it may take for your warts to clear up. It could take months, it could take years. And sometimes after they heal, they just come back, over and over. Why put yourself through all that, when you can do something about it right now?


The second reason is that the longer you have them, the more you risk spreading them to other parts of your body, or even to other people. Warts are contagious, and you run the risk to giving them to other people. Who wants to do that? Especially to your own friends or family, or even worse, your own co-workers.


Another reason to get them treated right away, is that they are unsightly to look at and they can make you feel self conscious. They form visible growths, get big, get dry and flake. They can be embarrassing if they are on your face or arms, or anyone else that is visible to the public, and invite endless questions from strangers.


And finally, the fourth major reason to book an appointment as soon as possible: warts can be painful, they can be a little dry, or a little uncomfortable. Or sometimes they are on your feet, or your hands, and they can be sore when they come under pressure.