Weight loss isn’t about the latest celebrity fad diets, or the next magical herbal cures. It is not about setting so many rules on your own diet that you stop living a normal life, and it is not about depriving yourself of eating your favourite foods.


Weight loss should never be about looking like someone else, or meeting some unrealistic expectations no one should be subject to, not even models. Some people are bigger, some people are smaller, and each can be just as a healthy as the other.


Weight should only ever be a personal goal, and it should only be to lose weight that is outside of your own personal healthy range for your age and stage of development in life. Weight loss should only be the side effect of better understanding nutrition, exercise and their connection to your own health, and part of building good habits that will help you be the healthiest version of yourself.


Our bodies will take on different versions and roles in our lives. We will develop new normals for healthy body weights. The rules change as we get older, we don’t tend to get “away” with as much as we did when we were younger. And that is why it is so important to become healthy by becoming informed and becoming empowered by changing our habits.


Our weight loss clinic in Toronto can help you gain those skills, and give you the information and the guidance you need to achieve your own personal health goals.